Screen on any cell type

From epithelial to suspension cells and any disease

Label-free, non-invasive

Enables non-destructive analysis

Exceptional scale

Screen up to 10k wells/week/platform

High-dimensional, spatial data

Quantify multiple parameters of live-cell biology at once

Unique insights

Study cell function in real time, at single-cell resolutions

Many applications

Toxicology, compound profiling, phenotypic screening, and more

Novel technology platform

Our high-throughput platform, spun out from Harvard University, uses semiconductor microelectrode array technology in a microplate format to acquire real-time data on live cell function, revealing novel insights at scale.

Technical Resources:

Let’s advance your research

CytoTronics can work with you to develop a pilot study to assess our technology for your program. Examples include:

  • Compound profiling to identify mechanism of action (MoA), toxicity, off-target effects, and more
  • Phenotype assessment of non-catalog cell types for characterization and optimization of experimental

Following your successful pilot study, we can ramp up to provide an optimized, high-throughput screening (HTS) program with you.

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