CytoTronics proprietary microplate

Standard dimensioned, electronic microplate with embedded semiconductors and integrated circuits for use with all CytoTronics instruments. Compatible with industry standard equipment such as fluidic and robotic handlers. Available in 96 or 384 formats.

CytoTronics readers

We offer three reader formats to accommodate scaling from a single 96 or 384 microplate to fully automated high-throughput screens:

CytoTronics Primo

A compact microplate reader that works inside your current incubator. Includes software, application modules, and cloud environment for Python-based analytics. Develop your assay on our Primo and scale up to our Lite or HTS instruments with ease.

CytoTronics Lite

A small footprint, benchtop instrument with a built-in incubator for reading up to 8 microplates. Application modules enabled as you require them—only pay for what you use.

CytoTronics HTS

Designed for high-throughput screening, this is a small footprint, tower instrument with a built-in incubator and integrated robotic plate management. Compatible with industry-standard high-throughput robotic platforms.

Academic and not-for-profit research: apply for a free CytoTronics package

Send us your grant application describing what you would like to use our technology for and your intention to publish to be considered for a free CytoTronics reader.

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